Overview of ABA Therapy

Behavior analysis is a science for understanding and improving human behavior. It takes a scientific approach to examining the relationship between behavior and environmental variables and utilizes research-based methods for behavior change. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) applies these principles to everyday life and works toward outcomes that provide meaningful changes in a person’s life. ABA therapy uses the systematic delivery of prompts and reinforcement to teach new skills and to help reduce/eliminate problem behaviors. In addition, therapists work to capture each child’s motivation to maximize learning and make learning fun. Applied Behavior Analysis can be used to reduce problem behaviors and to teach a wide variety of skills, including communication, self-care skills, social skills, and many more.

The Benefits

Decades of research support the effectiveness of Applied Behavior Analysis with a wide range of populations. An ABA approach focuses on behaviors that are socially significant, those that make a difference in a person’s life.

Treatment Process

While programming is based on the principles of behavior and utilizes research-based procedures, treatment is individualized for the learner. Each child’s treatment plan is designed with their unique needs in mind. Treatment goals are worked toward systematically, and data collection is ongoing to measure progress and inform treatment decisions. Parents or caregivers are also given appropriate training to support the process.

A group of children laying in the middle of a circle.

Many Benefit From ABA

Focus on Behavior, Inc specializes in serving children with autism and developmental disabilities, but our services can benefit any child with communication needs, challenging behaviors, or specialized learning needs. Decades of research have proven ABA to be effective for a wide variety of populations. At Focus on Behavior, Inc, we do not treat a diagnosis. We address behaviors that you can see and measure. These may be behaviors that occur too frequently or behaviors (skills) that are not occurring frequently enough.

We are confident in our ability to apply the principles of ABA to a program tailored to your child’s unique needs. If you have any questions or concerns about how we can help your child, please contact us today.