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Who Can Benefit

Many Benefit From Therapy

Focus on Behavior specializes in serving children with autism and developmental disabilities, but our services can benefit any child with communication needs, challenging behaviors, or specialized learning needs. Decades of research have proven ABA to be effective for a wide variety of populations. At Focus on Behavior, we do not treat a diagnosis. We address behaviors that you can see and measure. These may be behaviors that occur too frequently or behaviors (skills) that are not occurring frequently enough.

We are confident in our ability to apply the principles of ABA to a program tailored to your child’s unique needs. If you have any questions or concerns about how can help your child, please contact us today.

Why Choose Focus on Behavior?

At Focus on Behavior, we pride ourselves in utilizing research-based strategies individualized to meet your child’s unique needs. We are a local facility, with a cohesive team who strives to work collaboratively with families and other professionals. Our team is well-trained, and our staff places great value on continuing education. Above all, we are committed to providing consistently high quality services to meet the needs of our clients!

See What We Can Do For You

Please contact us today for more information about how we can help your child, family, or school.