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Clinic Tour and Overview

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We pride ourselves in offering a neat and clean facility with a professional, yet fun, environment. Our clinic includes therapy rooms outfitted with all of the tools needed to work with your child. It also contains specialized areas for conferences, social groups, classroom practice, toilet training, mealtimes, and preschool activities.

Our Observation Station allows parents to view their child’s sessions at their leisure. This gives parents the opportunity to directly observe the implementation of ABA techniques. Parents enjoy learning ways that they can support their child’s treatment at home, as well as seeing their child’s progress.

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I am very impressed with the level of therapy and professionalism that Focus on Behavior provides.  I am most impressed with the TV's that are provided to allow the parents to view their child's session.  It works very well for me because I have two other small children that can play in the waiting room while I am able to watch.

Former Client

I love the clinic and therapists.  (My daughter) has improved tremendously!

Former Client

I am thrilled that ABA therapy is offered from Focus on Behavior.  This level of therapy is thought to only be offered in larger cities.  However, finding it in Panama City is exciting and a relief.  I am thrilled that I do not have to drive to Destin, Tallahassee, or Pensacola to find the services my daughter needs.  Furthermore, Focus on Behavior offers an organized, professional experience for my daughter and me.

Former Client