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Behavioral Consulting

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Behavioral Consulting

School Consulting

Focus on Behavior provides behavioral consulting services within public and private schools. The services are provided upon administrative request. When we receive a referral for an individual student, we conduct a functional behavior assessment (FBA) within the school setting, design a behavior plan, and then train the staff to implement the plan. In addition, we can provide support at a classroom level, conducting behavioral observations to assist teachers in developing more effective classroom management strategies. We are also available to provide workshops or presentations to school personnel regarding general behavior strategies or customized to meet a school or classroom’s individual needs.

Family Consulting

Focus on Behavior also provides services at the consulting level for families. This level of services is most appropriate for children who are exhibiting some behaviors of concern but do not demonstrate skill deficits that require an intensive ABA approach. Family consulting services may take place in the home, daycare, church, or other natural settings. The goal is for our behavior analysts to assess the behaviors of concern and then train the family or other caregivers to implement an effective plan to help reduce or eliminate these behaviors. Family consulting services are available on a limited basis and following a clinical evaluation and recommendation by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Functional Behavior Assessment

Behavior Plan Development

Teacher/Parent Training

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